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CheckHas sweet tea? CheckHas no-nonsense, quick service?

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CheckRidiculously long wait? CheckBest thing that I have eaten in the last year? CheckI have to say, not the best fried chicken I have ever had, but pretty damn good- it could use more seasoning. Now the waffles, probably the best ever The waffles are deliciously soft inside, a little crispy out with a wonderful cinammoness to them. The seating is cramped, but it doesn't matter as soon as your food is delivered your table goes quiet, you get tunnel vision and after the first bite you are taken away to an orgy of goodness.

If you are in Phoenix, this is a requirement.

Come real early or be prepared to wait. Don't forget to order the Red Velvet cake and they have Kool-Aid if that fits your fancy. Shoot, two months later and I am still drooling thinking about it I'm on a constant quest to find that Ideal expressed in Real Life. Vintage 95 isn't quite there, but it's damn close. The plan last night was for drinks. No plans for food, just Adult Beverages and warm conversation.

But it turned into more. The location in downtown Chandler is terrific for us. The owners have created a very fine visual experience - leather, stone, dark woods, good lighting. This is one of my pet peeves. If I want to stare at people move their mouths while enduring an aural assault, I'll stand on the deck of an aircraft carrier. Is that concept so difficult to grasp? I'd go back just to sit on the leather couches in front of the fireplace, and then go back another time to sit on the leather stools at the bar, and then go back about fourteen more times to sit out on the patio.

Seriously - go check out the patio. Caroline and I told the hostesses we were only there for drinks, so we were seated in the bar area in some fabulous leather club chairs. It wasn't initmate, but we weren't looking for intimate. And speaking of the bar, even though V95 advertises itself as a wine bar, they DO have booze.

I'm not much of a wine drinker and was very pleased to see that they carried a pretty good selection of single malt scotches. I had a couple of drums of Ardbeg, which is one of my new favorites and very reasonably priced at retail. Scotch is never reasonably priced in restaurants, but I was celebrating so I didn't care. Caroline had her normal ""vodka martini extra dirty extra cold"" which she judged to have ""perfect dirtiness"", no wonder I love her! The limited Happy Hour menu had some very interesting choices.

We settled on the bruschetta and the smoked tomato bisque. The bruschetta was VERY nice and quite unusual. You get to select four of eight choices for your bruschetta platter; we picked: 1 white bean and pancetta, 2 gravlax, caper goat cheese and pickled onions, 3 fig chutney, ricotta and prosciutto, 4 brie, pear and onion jam. They were all served cold, in nice sized portions and the flavors were all nicely balanced and very interesting.

Caroline would have preferred the bread to not be so crispy, but I really liked it. The tomato bisque was creamy, smoky and had well-balanced flavor. Caroline said it was unique and I say it was just darn delicious. Things being as they are, drinks and appetizers turned into food.

A friend had told us ""you have to try the Vintage burger"", so we did. It came served with a mixture of regular and sweet potato fries, all nicely cooked and nicely seasoned. The burger was VERY tasty.

Arrivederci Trattoria, Phoenix

They obviously use good beef, the bun was fresh, the fixin's were tasty. In for a dime, in for a dollar, right?

So we ordered dessert. Again, the dessert menu is short, but I'm okay with that as long as they do it well. Chocolate torte with hazelnut gelato, apple pie with carmel sauce and creme fraiche gelato, and something else we couldn't remember. I'm allergic to hazelnut and don't like sweet desserts, so we decided to try the apple pie. Like everything else we had sampled, the apple pie was unusual - you wouldn't find it anywhere else. It was served on a freshly baked puff pastry, cubed apples served on top and inside - tender but not mushy - with lots of cinnamon and sugar, plate was swirled with salted dolce la leche.

It was tasty, but instead of the expected creme fraiche gelato, we were served hazelnut gelato. I didn't realize it was hazelnut until I'd had a couple of bites and my throat started to swell up. At this point that the night could have turned into a disaster, but to their credit - it didn't. We told the waiter who told the manager, Gavin - one of the owners , who immediately came and asked if I needed emergency assistance.

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Anyone can make a mistake, so no harm, no foul. I just can't believe the things that happened!! Yes the app was good. The entree was good too, but there were bites of just bread with no chicken in the panini. It definitely would have been better with more chicken! When we walked in, she didn't even sit us.

Arrivederci Trattoria

We stood there forever waiting until she finally told us to seat ourselves. We went outside since there was nothing left inside.

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It was too hot outside so we came back in and figured we'd sit at the bar. Luckily a nice guy noticed us looking around and let us sit at the end of his table that he moved apart since his whole party didn't show up for dinner.

Sorry about that

I was so excited when I saw they had cider on their menu! And not just one, but two that I like! Wyder's Pear Cider and Strongbow!! I ordered a Wyder's.

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After I finished it and asked for another, she said they were out of them. Okay, so I ordered a strongbow. She came back and poured it into a glass for me. When I took a drink it was disgusting!! It was Boddington's!!!! When I finally got her attention away from flirting with a man sitting at the bar to ask her for the correct drink, she told me they were out of Strongbow too! How are you out of both drinks??